Dali Vacuum Equipment LTD.


2003 Year

Established in

1000 W

Registered Capital

400 +


20000 m2

Factory Area

Zhaoqing Dali Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in vacuum coating technology research Development and production application of high - tech equipment manufacturing enterprises,in the vacuum coating technology Magnetron sputtering coating technology and evaporation coating technology and fully automated production line technology Advanced level at home and abroad, and research and development can fundamentally solve the problem of environm ntal pollution section Can roll coating machine and environmental protection UV machine, with new UV mirror back protective paint fundamentally for customers Solved the paint cost and environmental protection cost problems. The company strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system guidelines,vigorously innovation As fundamental, quality is the slogan of enterprise life for us.Strong technical force, production capacity Strong,complete processing equipment, with a group of experienced technical design personnel,for customers Households to provde quality products and satisfactory intimate aftersales service.And can solve the most for customers The fundamental cost solution, over the years at home and abroad have a large number of fixed customers the group.