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Dali Vacuum equipment LTD. was established todevelop the first high - grade silver mirror pro-duction line in China. Domestic production of tenhigh-grade silver mirror production line, Germanformula imported main parts. The developmentof double chamber vacuum equipment device(patent technology) to make evaporation coatingmachine revitalized
Zhaoqing Dali Vacuum Equipment Co.,Ltd.replaced Dali Vacuum Machinery Factory.The company exports Egypt plating mirror DZ-2233-4 vertical complete set of equipment exports South Korea vertical rearview mirror coating (blue film)production line.Home appliance glass batch application of the company's magnetic coating production line.Large magnetic control aluminum mirror production line exported to Bangladesh.
China's first large toughened Low-E coating production line exported to Mexico. The first magnetic control color film production line is delivered to customers in Shahe. Supply EMI coating production line of Yingli Electronics and replace Taiwan equipment.Algeria export DJw-1924-8CD aluminum mirror color film multi-functional production line.
The most advanced first DJW-2436-8CD aluminum mirror color film in China. Egypt DJW-2233-4B coating (aluminum mirror) production line. Export to a large environmentally friendly silver mirror production line in South Korea. The fourth generation EMI automatic coating production line of Yingli Electronics in China.
Moved to the second phase of the new plant in Jindu Industrial Park, Zhaoqing, UV mirror back paint was successfully developed and the silver mirror production line with the largest output of 8m/min in China with UV mirror back paint was officially put into operation.