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DZS-Optical Coating Machine

Optical coating machine suitable for plating a variety of optical flms. Such as telescope, eye lens, opticallens, cold cup,etc, configuration is different The evaporation source and film thickness instrument, can be plated a variety of film system, metal, oxide, compound and other high melting point film material can be into Line evaporation, and can be plated on the surface of the alass superhard filmm

DP- glass painting machine

Glass coatina machine. mainlv used for coating the film after a ass coatina. Can aso be used for other flat plate wood. piasticPlate, iron plate, etc,) surface coated with a layer of decorative paint film, make it beautiful, durable. mported conveyor beltdrive, paint after the paint solid Solid, uniform, smooth, bright, model design can save paint, simple operation,easy maintenance.Spray paint drive using frequency converter double Speed control, spray speed can be adjusted.

DZL-High vacuum winding and coating equipment

in this series of equioment the platind materia with ow melind point and easyto evaporate is converted into nano-scale partides by mecium requency induction heating or by resistance heating, which are deposited on the surface of the film to form a film.Equipment features: 1. Low melting point plating material hot evaporation, evaporation rate is high; 2. Can be plated with a variety of materials; 3,The substrate can be used for roller plating or suspension plating according to diferent reauirements of coating qualityr 4. The film online inspection device can be selected to detect the film parameters and adjust the film parameters accordingly on ensure that the film meets the requirements: 5. The maximum optional diameter of the base material is 0650 ~ 01000mm, width 1200 ?3000mmm.

Glass upper and lower plate table

The automatic chip-on system adopts the double-sided drive of precision sleeve roller chain to ensure smooth operation without jitter, and the variable frequency motor is used as the driving source. The transfer table uses a chrome-plated optical axis with a polyurethane cool wheel. The main frame of the equipment is all connected by welding and bolt assembly of high-quality rectangular steel pipes of national standard. The electronic control system of the equipment is set up by TE brand electricity, equipped with touch screen, and real-time animation monitoring of working conditions: the on-chip system can be fully automatic online matching with the terminal. The appearance design of the unit conforms to the modern factory's simplicity, beauty, eye-catching safety signs, and the appearance color is gray and white and yellow.

High-end aluminum mirror roller coating UV paint coating production line

Main performance characteristics: ◆ The same production efficiency, shorter production line length ◆ More save power, consumables The beat cycle is short, high production efficiency. Reduce labor, reduce labor intensity, product quality is more stable. The use of advanced cylindrical magnetron sputtering target, high utilization rate of the target, the target material use cycle is long. The configuration of advanced performance, reliable magnetron sputtering DC power supply and mass flow meter inflation system, so that the film quality stability. The use of programmable controller (PLC), touch screen (HMI) man-machine control interface, automatic control, easy to use.

DGT- Energy saving roller coating machine

The roller coating machine is through the mechanical steel wheel and the rubberwheel is glued together, the paint is injected into the V-seam bell between the steelwheel and the rubber wheel

DAR- SOLAR photovoltaic glass AR film coating production line

lt is a type of production line used to manufacture photovoltaic glass with anti-reflective(AR)coating for use in solar panels.The ARcoating reduces the amount of light reflected off the surface of the glass, which allows more light to pass through andincreases the efficiency of the solar panel.

LOW-E glass coating production line

Horizontal large-scale LOW-E magnetron sputtering coating production line adopts DC, AC power supply control plane target,cylindrical rotating target sputtering method Glass film, widely used in plating all kinds ofLOW-E coated glass,building glass,electronic industry lTO transparent conductive glass, refrigerator glass and Highly reflective mirror.

DUV- Environmental protection UV curing machine

UV curable machine is through UV lamp curing UV paint on the surface of glass, need to be used with special Uvpaint. The local chassis is divided into points One-piece design, full heat dissipation, the box temperature is lowerthan the one-piece.

DJW-Magnetron sputtering glass coating production line

The company is specialized in machinery manufacturing and development of glass coating production line and has obtained a numberof invention patents, we can produce multifunctional automatic magnetron sputtering production line, with the characteristics of highefficiency and energy saving, it is widely used in the plating of sunlight reflection fim,

DZS- Optical coating machine

Optical coating machine suitable for plating a variety of optical films. Such as telescope, eye lens, optical lens,cold cup,etc., configuration is different The evaporation source and film thickness instrument, can be plated a variety of flmsystem, metal, oxide, compound and other high melting point film material can be into Line evaporation, and can beplated on the surface of the glass superhard film,

DZ- Vertical vacuum coating machine

Vertical vacuum coating machine adopts new design, the use of resistance heating or magnetron sputteringprinciple in the workpiece surface gold platingMembrane.Can be processed complex shape workpiecesurface.All kinds of plastic, ceramic, glass workpiece after vacuum coatingGet gold, silver, colorful, red, gray,blue lights in a variety of colors
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